Terex Cranes Legacy Brands


Stands for: product origin

  • Manufacturer of Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes with lifting capacities from 50 to 275 tons.
  • Based in Wilmington, NC

Historical Overview:

  • 1882

    The Franklin Manufacturing Company founded in 1884 in St Paul, MN (USA) by two entrepreneurs Frank Johnson and Oliver Crosby.

  • 1883

    Company name is changed to American Manufacturing Co.

  • 1892

    Company changes its name to American Hoist & Derrick

  • 1985

    Company name changed to “Amdura”.

  • 1985

    American mobile crane product line is purchased by group of investors forming a new company named American Crane Corporation

  • 1998

    American Crane Corporation is acquired by Terex.

Product Past Current
Lattice Crawler Crane x

Distinguished Historical Accomplishments

  • 1885

    American Manufacturing Company awarded its first patent for friction drums used in hoisting equipment.

  • 1886

    American Manufacturing Company introduces the Crosby Clip, an ingenuous devise used for fastening wire rope which still sells by the million in 1980s.

  • 1889

    Introduction of steam powered hoists.

  • 1891

    Introduction of largest electric hoists available up to 15 HP.

  • 1895

    Invention of a first mobile crane, called “Traveling Derrick”, a combination of revolving derrick and a steam hoist mounted on rail-car type wheels.

  • 1895

    Builds largest locomotive crane for the US navy with 45 tons lifting capacity.

  • 1904

    Designed the Railroad Ditcher, a shovel which revolutionized the Railroad industry.

  • 1923

    American Hoist creates the first Crawler Crane.

  • 1938

    Designed first 250 ton derrick.

  • 1968

    Sky Horse invented.

  • 1976

    Design of M-3000, the first ship-mounted revolver crane with lifting capacity of 3,000 tons.

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