Terex Cranes Legacy Brands


Stands for: name of the company founder.

  • Manufacturer of Self-Erecting Tower Cranes with lifting capacities from 0.5 to 4 tons.
  • Based in Cusano Milanino – Milan Italy.
  • Terex-Comedil products are sold worldwide.

Historical Overview:

  • 1927

    The company is founded by Carlo Ferro in Milan, Italy.

  • 2001

    Ferro is acquired by Terex Comedil and becomes part of Terex Cranes.

Product Past Current
Hammerhead Tower Crane x
Self Erecting Tower Crane x

Distinguished Historical Accomplishments

  • 1927

    Development of the first tilting mixer and reversing drum mixer under “Capezeta” brand licence.

  • 1930

    First production of elevators, aggregate-washers, winches, and vibrators.

  • 1950

    Developed the first “Goose-neck” tower crane.

  • 1958

    First production of dumpers, batching plants and mobile mixers.

  • 1960

    First traditional Hammer Head tower crane “Gru Grattacielo” series.

  • 1964

    First oleodynamic hammer head tower cranes “FX” series.

  • 1971

    First production of self-erecting, telescopic cranes with top slewing.

  • 1978

    Development of "NON-STOP" automatic-erection cranes with bottom slewing and 0.6 to 1t. lifting capacity “F” series.

  • 1980

    First rough terrain fork-lift truck “Buffalo Range” series.

  • 1984

    Development of “SUPERRAPID” hydraulic self-erecting cranes with bottom slewing.

  • 1987

    First “FC” city crane purposely studied for renovation of old town centers and erection even in the most narrow and inaccessible sites.

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