P & H

Terex Cranes Legacy Brands


Stands for: names of the company founders Pawling & Harnischfeger.

  • Formerly, a brand of rough terrain cranes.
  • Based in Waverly, Iowa.
  • P&H brand cranes were sold worldwide.

Historical Overview:

  • 1884

    P&H is founded by Alonzo Pawling & Henry Harnischfeger as a small machine and pattern shop in the American Midwest.

  • 1911

    P& H changed its name to Harnischfeger Corporation

  • 1959

    Harnischfeger Corporation enters in JV with an Australian company called Power Cranes and Shovels, Pty., Ltd.

  • 1988

    P&H mobile cranes brand integrated into PPM / North America by way of license from Harnischfeger Corporation

  • 1995

    Terex acquires PPM as an affiliate operating as Terex PPM.

Product Past Current
Rough Terrain Crane x
Lattice Crawler Crane x
Truck Crane x

Distinguished Historical Accomplishments

  • 1887

    Pawling & Harnischfeger enter into an overhead industrial crane market.

  • 1920

    P&H designed the first machines with fully welded car body.

  • 1942

    Harnischfeger Corporation produces its “P&H” cranes and excavators for the war effort

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